Leo dress – favorite item in continuous use

Preppy Style – totally plaid dress!
April 1, 2017

The great thing about dresses – they are incredibly changeable. Even a leo dress that you might think is too special and suitable for just a few occasions is very versatile. Today I’ll show you a few “areas of application”.

It’s all about a leopard today. Is such a purchase worth it or is the pattern too special? I do not think so and show you today three “areas of application”. By the way, that dress is by Custommade and is made of silk.

Leo dress – sporty variant
The first variant is a great look for leisure. Shopping with a friend or for a leisurely chat in the café. Especially when I go shopping, I really need comfortable shoes. I’m always amazed how some people with very high heels go on a shopping marathon. So high-heels very much, but not if I want to run around a lot.

White sneakers are also great for this beautiful light dress. Add a white shopper, sunglasses and the look is done.

Quite simply, the dress can also style chic. As so often with dresses, it is actually quite sufficient to change the accessories. In terms of color, I stayed with White and wear a light sandal. Through the fine straps they look like a breath of nothing. To match, I combine a white clutch, which looks very chic through her golden shoulder strap.

But yes! Sure, that works! So that the dress looks a bit more discreet in the office, I have combined accessories and black. To this dress wear pointed, but flat lace-up ballerinas. Matching, also in black, the Shoulder Bag by Marc Jacobs. So that the dress gets a little more serious painting, I have combined my dark gray Blazer of Tiger of Sweden. The office look is done!

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