Preppy Style – totally plaid dress!

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April 1, 2017
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April 1, 2017

I have to show you one of my favorite good mood dresses and that’s in the preppy style. Blue and white, but not striped today, because I can also check!

Preppy style

The Preppy Style comes originally from the 50s and has its origins in the New England states of the USA. “Prep” is a short name for students of “Preparatory schools”. Since the students came from well-off families, associated with the period called “Preppy” belonging to the wealthy layer, which of course also expressed in the clothing style.

The Preppy Style has developed into a style of its own in the fashion world. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and GANT have built a whole empire with this style. Poloshirts, sailing shoes, club blazers and pleated skirts are among the key colors and colors such as red, blue and white among the important colors of this style. But, as with many styles, the details, combinations and colors of the “Preppy Style” are crucial. Not every pleated skirt automatically looks “preppy”.

Actually, I rarely wear this style, but this dress has done to me. These blue and white checks make me really happy. The Bavarians among you know the pattern in red and white as a tablecloth. Girls, make a dress out of your tablecloths!

My dress, as you can see, is cut like a shift dress and in one color it would be a great classic business dress.

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