Trendy off shoulder rainbow dress

Love at first look: Hippie twin set dress
April 1, 2017

Summer, sun, sunshine and very clear: color! I’ve just been reminded recently that I’m one of the few bloggers who often resorts to colorful outfits. So far, I have not really thought about that, basically I just buy clothes that I like and that catch my eye – and these are rarely black or white parts.

The fact that this rainbow dress wandered into my shopping basket, I find not really surprising: pastel, running in color tracks, Offshoulder and a light fabric make it the perfect summer dress for me!

Why colorful? I think the world is sometimes drab and gray enough, why not light it up with a little color? Although complete Knalloutfits are not necessarily mine (except, we are talking about sports outfits, but I love combinations in soft pastel colors or colorful highlights.) I still like to wear colorful mirrored sunglasses, which are the epitome of summer for me This makes it possible to hide perfect dark circles after long summer evenings!

Incidentally, I’m absolutely not a fan of “Marilyn Monroe moments,” which often meet in the city: You stand on some grid and suddenly comes a puff of air from below and you’re already drawn-no, thanks! I usually put shorts under the dress (I also know girls who just pull tight sports shorts underneath …) and then decide more or less spontaneously whether I really want to wear the dress as a dress or turn it into a top by doing stick it in the waistband. In addition, wearing a pair of shorts is a lot more enjoyable if you are sitting in the beer garden or car for a long time, for example. With loose dresses, it is now an absolute must for me, with tight clothes I have to think about this a bit, maybe someone of you has a tip for it?

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